10 Reasons Why You Should Start a Website in 2020

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10 Reasons Why You Should Start a Website in 2020

2020 is a year of digital world where we are living and everyday people are creating websites for different purposes. Now customer perception has been changed and people are adopting new technologies in the digital era of the 21st century. A few years ago websites were not so popular but when Smartphones came into everyone’s hands, then internet became the necessity of the people.

In this blog, you will find 10 interesting reasons that why you should start a website in 2020 for your business. Today you will know what is the importance of these yellow pages on the internet and how it can change your business completely.

10 Reasons – why you should start a website in 2020

  1. Google must know your address – A study says that in urban areas about 97% Internet users search for local businesses near them. If you have a shop or a business then you need a website so that the customers searching on Google for your services could know where your business is, which will directly increase your sales and profits.
  2. Your Customer expects that – Nowadays people have become more advanced and modern. Smart customers expect that your business should showcase on Google which will also increase the trust for your brand in the customers’ minds. So you must get a Website.
  3. You get a big market for your business – If your business is offline then you can only serve the people near you but when your business comes online then you get a very big market to serve. You can showcase your products and services to the whole world.
  4. Credibility of your business will increase – The first impression is the last impression. People recommend businesses to their friends and the loved ones and a study shows that 57% of customers do not recommend your products or your services if your website does not look professional.
  5. Your Marketing will become very cost-effective – Marketing is a very important factor for a business and if your marketing is excellent then a normal product also gets high sales. SEO is pretty cost-effective which can drastically decrease the cost of your marketing which indirectly increases your profits.
  6. You control the narrative – The image of a brand is very important for a business to stay for a long time or we can say that brand image is everything that directly affects revenue and profits. When you have your own website then the narrative about your brand is approximately in your control. You can change the narrative of the customers very fast and at a very low cost.
  7. Your Website works 24 hours a day for your business – Your shop or your employees cannot 24 hours a day for you but your business will work for you every time even if you are sleeping. Whenever your customer wants a product or a service from you he/she can visit your website which will be very helpful to grow your business.
  8. A Website makes you look professional – Today people buy not from those whom they like but buy from those whom they trust and when you have a professional website then your business looks professional which in return increases the trust for your brand in the customers’ mind. Everybody wants to work with professionals, so to showcase a professional business get your website immediately.
  9. Your Competitor already has one – Today in every business field competition is increasing day by day and if you will not upgrade your business then your business would get out of the competition. And the first step of upgrading any business is to build a professional website for your brand because your competitor already has one.
  10. J-Curve in your Business – Many studies show that after taking the business online it gets a J-Curve growth. If you also want to grow your website exponentially then you must get a professional website for your business so that you can make your business bigger and more profitable.

5 Tips to get a professional Website

  1. Hire professionals to get a professional looking website – Your Website can make or break the credibility of your business as mentioned above that’s why you should build a professional looking website and for that, you must hire a professional web developer. This investment will get you bigger results in a long run.
  2. Get a good Hosting – Hosting is a place where you will host your website and your website will work 24 hours a day so you need good hosting where you can host your website. Bad hosting can affect the user experience of your customers which will directly impact your sales and revenue.
  3. Connect your Social media accounts with your website – Never forget to connect your social media accounts with your business website because social media can get you even more customers which will lead to more sales more revenue and more profits if you don’t have social media accounts then you must make it, it will be very beneficial for your website and business too.
  4. Must feature your address and phone number – When a customer visits to your website they search for the address and the phone number of that business through which the customer can visit your store.
  5. Make sure your Website is optimized for Smartphones – Today maximum customers use the internet on their smartphones so make sure that your business website is also optimized for smartphones that’s why you should get your website from a Professional web developer because they know what are the requirements of a business website.

Summarising the above, if you really want to grow your sales, if you really want to grow your business, revenue and profits then you must take your business online and make a refreshing restart of your business. So start your website soon because it will get you more customers from the internet. Coming online will decrease your marketing budget and also increase your profits. So what are you waiting for, get a professional web developer who will build a professional website for your business? I have a suggestion for you, “Digifirozi.com” is a professional web development company that can build a professional website for your business.