Digifirozi Showcased By Elegant Themes

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Digifirozi_achievement | 0 comments

Hi Everybody,

On March 28, 2020, our website i.e. Digifirozi.com was showcased by Elegant themes in their Divi Design Showcase. We made our website by using Divi Builder and Divi Builder is made by Elegant themes.

Thousands of web developers use Divi Builder to make their website with one crystal clear intent, to get a position in Divi Design Showcase. But Elegant themes choose only the top 10 designs from all thousands of applications. So the competition is tight.

Fortunately, by our hard work and skill, we secured a position.

What did they say? They said “This site has one of the neatest scrolling designs I’ve seen. It scrolls downward as normal until about the middle of the layout and then it scrolls horizontally for a while before returning to a downward scroll. The hero section displays a CTA on one side with an animated graphic on the other. This site makes excellent use of graphics, color, and shadow effects.”

Getting such remarks from the experts of experts in the field truly inspired us and we are looking forward to delivering our full potential and skill to our customers.

Note :- Digifirozi is a Digital Empowerment For Selfmade located in Firozabad City.